A simple way to protect public drinking water

During a recent test of the quality of drinking water in its schools, the San Marcos Unified School District found higher than acceptable lead levels in a water fountain at San Marcos Middle School. The testing followed the discovery of dangerous levels of lead in drinking water at a San Ysidro school.

The offending water fountain at San Marcos Middle School has been removed and the San Marcos Unified School District is continuing to test the water quality at all of its other schools. But the finding at San Marcos Middle highlights an important fact:

When it comes to ensuring water quality, a little proactivity can go a long way.

Regularly testing water supplies for lead levels and other contaminants remains critical in maintaining the safety of public drinking areas. However, there is another simple, cost-effective way for schools and other public entities to go one step further and catch water problems before they reach unsafe levels – water quality indicators. These devices, like Hydro-Check’s Hy-Lite Water Quality Indicator, provide a low-cost way to constantly monitor water quality and safety and to receive instant notification when water purity falls below acceptable levels.

Just a small investment in a water quality indicator can help end users, including schools and government agencies, protect the health and safety of their communities.